Public Facilities, Transportation and Accessibility in Fullerton Hotel

Many people choose Fullerton Hotel because it is a great place to stay. This hotel is in Singapore, with a strategic location near many famous places. If you go there, you will get many facilities and services. There are public facilities, general facilities, transportation access, and good accessibility in the hotel. Here is some list about the facilities in the hotel.

Public Facilities

Parking is necessary for the guest that brings a private car. If you drive a vehicle, you do not need to worry about the parking area. Fullerton has spacious places to keep your vehicle. The hotel has 24 hours of security time. So, you can park anytime. The car will be safe in the right place.

An elevator is necessary too, especially for tourist that brings much luggage. In Fullerton, you will see a good elevator that large enough to help you take the bags easier. Many people need that. It is more necessary when they are traveling with the kids that need more clothes in many bags.

Another public facility in this hotel is a restaurant. There are many different provided. You can get a la carte breakfast in the morning. There is also a la carte dinner. You can get a la carte lunch too, with many traditional or modern recipes. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very calm because the AC is always on.

Not only the restaurant, but you can go to the bar too. So, if you like to chat with friends while drinking some beverages, it will be very comfortable to go to Fullerton’s bar.

Breakfast is one of the facilities that all guests can get. You can get many kinds of food and drinks. It is healthy and various. Kids menu is good for your children too.

One of the most impressive facilities is the poolside bar. It is a bar near a pool, so you can see the landscape, swimming, or enjoy the atmosphere in the place while drinking some beverages that you like.

The safety deposit box is in your room. You can keep important documents, a wallet, and her car there. It will help you to find important and small things. So, you can travel easily without worry about your important documents or types of equipment.

General and Nearby Facilities

There are many general facilities there. For example AC, non-smoking room, swimming pool, and smoke-free. Not only general facilities but there are also some nearby facilities like ATM banking, gift shop, hair salon and shops. It will be helpful if you are on a busy schedule of a business trip.

Transportation and Accessibility

Secure parking is a very important thing about transportation in Fullerton HotelYou will get it as a guest that brings a private car. Not only that, you can get valet parking with a surcharge there. Disabled access friendly is very important too, for some guests with special needs. You do not need to worry, because you can get wheelchair accessible easily.

The conclusion is this hotel is very recommended for a staycation. Everyone can stay in this hotel. If you want to reserve the hotel suite at a more affordable price, take the benefits of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers now.