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The deadline to enter your return via Tax-on-web was July 20, tax attorney 2021 (personal income tax).

Do you enter a non-resident tax return? The deadline is December 2021.

How do tax lawyer I enter my declaration online?Go to the pre-filled data. If necessary, modify and/or complete them.Click on “Confirm for sending”Check your return one last time. Do not forget to check the box “I have the necessary supporting documents available”.Click “Send”.Careful! If you enter a joint declaration, your partner must also send the declaration.

TopWhere can I find help with the content of my return?Use the online help in Tax-on-web available for some codesCheck out our FAQsYou will also find information in the different sections of the site:Declaration DwellingFamily Transport Tax benefitsContact your Personal CenterHave a question about your declaration or your proposal for a simplified declaration? You can call your Particulars centre.Hire a chartered accountant (or tax advisor).

TopHow do I get my tax calculated?

Before sending your return: click on “Calculate your tax” in the menu at the top of the halaman. Be careful, this is an estimate. In some cases, the final calculation of your tax indicated in your warning-extract of roll (calculation note) may be different.

After sending your return: in Tax-on-web, under “My documents”, click on the “Calculate” button next to your return.

Nothing is displayed? Your browser probably blocks pop-ups. Open the pop-up via the notification that appears at the top or bottom of your screen or change your browser settings.

In some specific cases, we cannot calculate the amount of your tax at this time. This has no impact on your return, you can send it without waiting. The calculation of your tax will soon be available in Tax-on-web.

TopCan I save my declaration before sending it?

Yes. You can save your declaration and resume it later as many times as necessary.

Careful! When your return is ready, don’t forget to click on “Confirmation for sending” and then on “Send” to send us your return.

Do you enter a joint statement? If your partner sends the return and you edit it and then send it, your partner will need to log in again, open the return and click “Send”.

TopCan I correct my return after I send it?

Yes. Be careful, you can only do it once, until July 20, 2021.

Don’t forget to click on “Confirmation for sending” and then on “Send” to send us your corrected declaration.

Do you enter a joint statement? Your partner must also log in again, open the declaration and click on “Send”.

Have you already attached annexes? They will be retained. If necessary, you can add additional appendices.

You can add or remove Part 2 of the declaration.

TopDY do I need to add appendices or notes? How to do it?

You can attach appendices to your return. This is not mandatory, but recommended for some supporting documents. For more information, see the explanatory brochure.

However, you must keep your supporting documents, and present them to your tax department if they request them.

The headings of the declaration for which it is possible to attach an annex are indicated by . Click on this icon to attach the appendix.

You must send your appendices in PDF format. File size is limited to dua MB. The total size for all files is limited to 10 MB.

You can also add notes to your return. The headings of the declaration for which a note may be attached are indicated by .

These notes can only contain text (so no image, no table, etc.).

TopHow do I make sure my return has been sent?

After the declaration has been sent (by both partners in the case of a joint declaration), a confirmation of deposit will immediately appear on the screen.

Your declaration is then available in MyMinfin, under “My declaration / my declaration proposal simplifies” and under “My documents”.

TopCan I view my return after sending?

Yes. Your declaration is available in MyMinfin, under “My declaration / my simplified declaration proposal” and under “My documents”.

TopWhat is the dua part of the declaration and how do I add it?

Part 2 should only be supplemented by:the self-employed;business leaders;persons who have received income that cannot be reported in Part 1, i.e. “miscellaneous income” (other than support payments).

How to add the dua part to your declaration?

On the Tax-on-web home screen (your “TaxBox”), click on “Add dua part”.

To return to the home screen (when you complete your return), click on “Return TaxBox” in the sajian at the top of the laman. Don’t forget to back up before if you’ve changed or added any data.

You can also add Part 2 after you submit your return (see “Correction”).

Top What if my return is not available in Tax-on-web?Are you a non-resident? You will be able to enter your return via Tax-on-web from mid-September.Did you leave Belgium last year or this year and now live abroad? You must enter a “special declaration” on paper, no later than tiga months after your departure. Contact your tax office to obtain the “special declaration”.You are not in one of these two cases? Contact your tax office and mention your national registry number.

You and your partner have been separated for less than a year on January 1, 2021 and you want to file a return separately? You cannot do this via Tax-on-web. Call the Contact Center (prepare your identity card: you will need your national registry number) to receive a paper declaration by mail.

Consult the frequently asked questions or contact the Contact Center.