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This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.

a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand.

(of a government) to demand a tax from (a person, business, etc.). to demand a tax in consideration of the possession or occurrence of (income, goods, sales, etc.), usually in proportion to the value of money involved.

to lay a burden on; make serious demands on: to tax one’s resources.

to take to task; censure; reprove; accuse: to tax one with laziness.

Informal. to charge: What did he tax you for that?

Archaic. to estimate or determine the amount or value of.


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1250–1300;(v.) Middle English taxendanlt; Medieval Latin taxāre to tax, appraise, Latin:to appraise, handle, frequentative of tangere to touch; (noun) Middle English,derivative of the v.OTHER WORDS FROM tax

taxer, nountax·ing·ly, adverbtaxless, adjectivetax·less·ly, adverb

tax·less·ness, nounan·ti·tax, adjectivenon·tax, noun, adjectivenon·tax·er, nounpro·tax, adjectivere·tax, verb (used with object)self-taxed, adjectivesub·tax·er, nounun·der·taxed, adjectiveun·tax, verb (used with object)well-taxed, adjectiveWORDS THAT MAY BE CONFUSED WITH tax

tawny owl, tawny pipit, tawpie, taws, tawse, tax, taxable, taxaceous, taxation, taxation without representation, Taxation without representation is tyrannyOther definitions for tax (dua of dua)

variant of taxo-before a vowel: taxeme. UnabridgedBased on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021How to use tax in a sentence

For example, since 2009 it’s been working on a campaign for tax incentives for carbon capture and storage.

Which is why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others have been calling for raising much more tax money, but primarily from the very wealthy.

In March, Measure C got 65 percent of the vote, just shy of the two-thirds needed to approve a tax for a specific purpose.

They could support citizens more efficiently, quickly, and flexibly than current approaches like check payments or tax relief.

The head of an organization representing such workers blasted the decision as a “scam that leaves workers with a substantial tax bill right after the holiday season,” according to the Washington Post.

Have you tried to access the research that your tax dollars finance, almost all of which is kept behind a paywall?

His life as a man is built around health insurance and tax services.

Cocaine busts, tax cheats, and bribe-taking, born-again Christians: Welcome to the political scandals of 2014.

In response to the screen quota cut, South Korea established a “cinema tax” on the box office.

Tax evasion carries a maximum penalty of five years, and thus it seems likely that Grimm would be covered by the provision.

The law went into operation in England imposing a tax on wearing hair powder.

In former years, Korea had paid an annual tribute or tax to China, but for some time it had been held back by this king.

Mr. Jackson supposed that Parliament had a right to tax America, but he much doubted the expediency of the present act.

In tax-paying circles it is said that the fashionable thing will be to start now and let the airship overtake you if it can.

The stamps, in remote districts, would frequently require more in postage to obtain than the value of the tax. British Dictionary definitions for tax

a compulsory financial contribution imposed by a government to raise revenue, levied on the income or property of persons or organizations, on the production costs or sales prices of goods and services, etc

a heavy demand on something; straina tax on our resources

to levy a tax on (persons, companies, etc,or their incomes, etc)

to make heavy demands on; strainto tax one’s intellect

to accuse, charge, or blamehe was taxed with the crime

to determine (the amount legally chargeable or allowable to a party to a legal action), as by examining the solicitor’s bill of coststo tax costsDerived forms of tax

taxer, nountaxless, adjectiveWord Origin for tax

C13:from Old French taxer, from Latin taxāre to appraise, from tangere to touch

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In addition to the idiom beginning with taxtax with

also see:death and taxes

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