How to get rid of boredom at home easily – In times of pandemic like now, we always stay at home. Staying at home doing daily work can be boring for anyone, including with children.

Being at home is not impossible to make children fussy and even cry and whine to get out. If it’s like this, of course, parents have to rack their brains to find ways to make their children feel at home.

To overcome this, here are some ways to get rid of boredom at home that you can do.

Teaching art

Drawing and coloring activities together can be one of the fun activities that can relieve boredom in children.

In addition to training children to be creative with colors and shapes, drawing and coloring can also build children’s confidence, train imagination, make them happy and find good hobbies.

Besides that art is also not always related to drawing, you can teach other things such as playing traditional games, guitar, listening to music and dancing together.

This activity can improve your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Gardening behind the house

One way to get rid of boredom at home is to garden behind the house. If you don’t have enough land, maybe you can use an unused pot or container.

Diverting daily activities with gardening can be fun, this activity can also add positive things, especially children’s knowledge about plants.

Start by growing grains like corn, spinach, tomatoes, and potatoes. And let the child do it himself while you watch him from behind while giving directions.

Camping in the yard

The next way to get rid of child boredom is to make a small tent in the yard.

Start by building a small hut using a tarp or makeshift materials. Homemade games are very popular with children, because they can make them free to express themselves.

In addition to camping, try to also have lunch at a small hut so that the atmosphere can be more exciting.

Cooking with kids

For you mothers, taking the time to cook with your baby can be one way to get rid of boredom in children. Mothers can choose a child’s favorite food recipe with simple and easy to make ingredients.

Cooking with parents is not only fun for the child, but also allows him to learn how to cook the food he likes. However, make sure your child is safe in the kitchen.

By cooking with mother, children will also learn to appreciate your efforts to cook food, and can make children more grateful for the food they receive and not waste food.

Watch favorite movies movies

Watching children’s favorite movies together will strengthen the bond between children and parents.

You parents can accompany your children to watch and teach new things in the film. Moreover, the moral message that can be gleaned from children’s films.

So, those are some ways to get rid of boredom in children who feel bored at home, starting with simple but fun activities to do.

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By Drajad