Unity Day

Unity Day is a unique Public Service Initiative celebrated and promulgated by Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. on an annual basis.  Unity Day is designated as a day on college campuses and in the larger community to recognize and celebrate the diverse ethnic and cultural roots, and common purposes that forms the fabric of our American culture.

The goal of Unity Day is to promote a basic understanding and acceptance of cultural differences by encouraging members of different cultures to work together, despite such differences, to educate others on the unique nuances of each culture.  Unity Day events have included Multicultural Talent Shows, Roundtable Discussion Groups and other collaborative events that celebrate cultural differences, while reminding all of the common purposes and goals we share as a collective society.

Unity Day is held on October 24th of each calendar year, which is also United Nations Day (“UN Day”).  UN Day is devoted to highlighting the aims and achievements of the United Nations, which as of 2010 are represented by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, adopted at the UN Summit held September 20 – 22, 2010.


“Learning is power.  I have gained power in that I have learned that we have a common bond that unites us in a way no one will ever understand and that what we have is true, precious and everlasting… I have learned about MYSELF, life and things I could never learn from a textbook.. I have LEARNED. “

Soror Annabys Duval