Sorority Facts

Mission: Lambda Psi Delta is a unique multi-cultural organization founded in order to form a more perfect coalition of women dedicated to sisterhood and community outreach. Our principal purposes are to engage in the upliftment and empowerment of women and our communities through intellectual development, cultural awareness, and leadership, and to engage in educational, cultural, political, and public service activities that express and support such concerns.

  Sorority Motto: Sovereignty to the Community

  Sorority Colors: Coal Black and Lily White

  Sorority Animal: The White Bengal Tiger

  Sorority Flower: The White Calla Lily

  Sorority Jewel:  Diamond

Five Tenets: The core of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Incorporated is our Five Tenets, upon which we build programs, implement projects and design and develop service opportunities. Our Five Tenets are:

Intellectual Development
Empowerment of Women
Cultural Awareness
Upliftment of the Community