Public and Political Service

One of the Sorority’s governing principles is a fundamental commitment to empowering and uplifting the larger community, as well as marked political involvement in order to initiate and promote political change.  Our commitment to the goals stems from our belief that, through personal initiative, we can accomplish great advances at all levels within our communities.
The Lambda Psi Delta Service Program is aimed at encouraging and promoting service and contributions that pertain to our Five Tenets in two (2) key ways:

(a) Public Service, which refers to our engagement and support of public service initiatives that benefit and uplift women, children and our communities; and

(b) Political Service, which refers to our active involvement in current political issues that benefit and uplift the larger community.

A key aspect of the Sorority’s National Public and Political Service Program is the initiation and implementation of the Sorority’s own unique service programs in which its Sorors and Chapters engage in as part of our commitment to the community.  Such commitment to original programming is evidenced by such programs as: the LPsiD College Resource Center, Unity Day, and the Sorority’s unique and proprietary Educational Campaigns, which address current societal concerns.

Our National Public and Political Service Program is designed around our Focus Initiatives, which address timely public and political service concerns within our communities. Our Current Focus Initiatives include: and Multiple Sclerosis Research and Development, and STEP UP – SPEAK OUT! Bullying Awareness and Prevention Campaign – a partnership initiative with Omega Phi Chi Sorority, Inc.