“Nothing great was ever accomplished from sitting around waiting for things to happen.”

Black Diamond Denise J. Pipersburgh, Esq.

Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. was founded on March 9, 1997 in Connecticut by nine strong women (who we call our Nine Black Diamonds) formerly part of a Latina sorority. These women originally pledged seeking to fulfill several key goals: bonds of sisterhood, opportunities for service in all communities, a chance to help empower women through their actions, and a support network through which they could achieve personal and academic excellence. As their time in that organization grew, however, they found that sorority to be lacking in its internal structure, constricting in its outlets for service, limiting in its definitions of sisterhood and cultural identity and fraught with internal and external strife. After numerous years of struggling to work through these many issues, they realized their vision of a sisterhood was in direct contradiction with that of the original organization.

They took a long look around at other Greek-Letter organizations, the changing scope of society and their campus communities and noted several issues, one of which was of dire importance to the Founders: more and more women on college campuses were falling into the crevices of the collegiate community because there existed no one place, no one community which was broad enough to understand, appreciate and embrace all cultures equally, one community which truly supported and promoted the empowerment of women, which allowed for women leaders from all communities to come together, grow together, and proclaim excellence, service and sisterhood. Most existing organizations seemed too oriented towards one specific community, leaving other cultures along the sidelines, not allowing women to get to know other women from other cultures and communities. Many other organizations seemed to lose their original ideals of commitment to community behind a mirage of organizational symbolism, the campus social scene and internal bureaucratic hierarchy.

Through this study, they figured out what their mission would be: to create an organization whose primary goal was the upliftment and empowerment of women and their communities through intellectual and leadership development, and cultural awareness. They sought to create an organization where each woman could fight for her own cause in her own community, while at the same time uniting all other communities to support and aid in the struggle through the works of the sorority. And so, Lambda Psi Delta, a multi-ethnic, service based organization, for women by women and about women, was formed to give all women a chance to experience true sisterhood.