Lambda Psi Delta believes that, through education and knowledge, we are empowered to, collectively, make changes to our community.  The Lambda Psi Delta National Educational Campaign Program is an annual 8-month program dedicated to the education of and involvement in current societal concerns.

From September to April, each month is dedicated to educating the community regarding current social and political concerns that affect women, children and families, and promoting the free discourse and exchange of ideas to arrive at solutions to best address the needs of the community.  Each Educational Campaign focuses on a single societal concern, provides a background to the crisis, and makes resources available for further involvement.

Current and past Educational Campaigns have been:
• Teen and Young Adult Dating Violence:  Keeping Our Young Women Safe
• Global Warming 101:  Easy Tips to Being Green
• Identity Theft:  Protecting Yourself in Cyberspace
• Autism Awareness and Research
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• The State of Education in America